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Note for Bikers  
By kurtdarell on Jul 12, 2014 trail review rating icon - 3 stars

The section of this trail in Bainbridge is stone in one section and dirt with a bunch of tree roots on the path in the other section. I didn't realize it was not a paved path in that area. I was disappointed, but it was early enough in the morning to jump on River Road and take a ride with minimal traffic. I parked at Race Street (in Bainbridge) and was riding around to find the northern route. A local man noticed I was confused and he pointed it out to me. It wasn't bad when I first headed north, but once I started hitting tree roots it was rough. At one point a tree root stopped me and I had to step off into poison ivy (hopefully I won't get it). I would hike the path north of Bainbridge as it is very scenic, but I do not recommend it for bikers. Going south from Bainbridge is a stone path which was nice if you like stone paths for biking. South of Bainbridge was not as scenic as the northern section. I traveled about 1.5 miles each direction before I decided to ride on River Road. I recommend riding near Marietta on this trail if you are a biker.  
Nice trail to Trikke  
By SusanCnett on May 09, 2014 trail review rating icon - 4 stars

We were looking for a nice, paved path to ride our Trikkes. We first went to the boat launch, off of Robert Mowder Drive (Marietta) but there was no paved path. Then we went to the Riverfront Park on Vinegar Ferry Road. This park had a nice pavilion, clean port-a-potties and great access to a paved path. We started off to the west. That section runs over a mile before it turns into stone and dirt. We returned to the park and traveled 2+ miles to the East before we turned around. The trail continued but we were out of time. Unfortunately, we were not able to see much of the river from the section of the trail we were on, but we look forward to returning and chaecking out the rest of the trail.  
Great ride!  
By Goliath on Jun 01, 2011 trail review rating icon - 4 stars

My 4 year old with training wheels road the entire trail to and from and loved it the whole way. Paved, level riding.  

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