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Those who have studied the Warrior Trail believe that it was used for over 5,000 years by Native Americans for flint and fur trade, hunting, and warfare. A large section of the trail passes through Greene County. The Greene County section begins in the east in Greensboro and ends at Pennsylvania’s border with West Virginia, six miles north of the Mason-Dixon Line. As it winds through the county, the Warrior Trail passes through the towns of Aleppo, Nettle Hill, and Kirby. It follows a divide that separates the watersheds of Whitely and Dunkard Creeks. The trail is marked by conspicuous yellow dots or blazes on trees and posts and on both sides of road crossings. The trail can be entered at any of its intersections with a road. There are no streams to ford and tour guides are available by contacting the Warrior Trail Association. Guides also point out local and historical points of interest. Much of the trail passes through private property, so it is important that trail users respect the rights of property owners. The trail is maintained by service groups from local high schools in conjunction with the Warrior Trail Association. Though it is a marked and voluntarily-maintained trail, hikers hike at their own risk. Warrior Trail Association, P.O. Box 103, Waynesburg, PA 15370 Contact: Llew Williams 304-368-2046.

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